Quantum Wellness


Float away your stress, anxiety and sleepless nights. Zero sound, light, gravity… Just you reaching deep relaxation.

Ready to get in the cabin?

Floating is known to relieve anxiety, reduce pain, support recovery and even promote better sleep!
Think of it as the deepest relaxation on earth. Floating is a vacation for your senses. No light or sound will distract you. It will give your mind the environment it needs to explore and grow.
Check out our offer! And remember, all of our plans include: A private room with a shower, towels, toiletries, hair care products, ear plugs for your float & unlimited use of our Vanity Room and Relaxation Lounge.

60 min. Float
90 min. Float
3rd Float’s a Charm (3 x 60 min. pack)

Is the water clean?

It’s our top priority! Our float cabins are one of the only ones in the industry that have filtration systems that continuously sterilize the water.
Also, the Epsom salts in which you’ll float are anti-microbial.


Is it the same as floating in a pool or the ocean?

Oh, it’s very different. In those you still experience external stimuli, which limits how deeply you can relax. In our cabins, you’ll float in an environment free from all the distractions of the outside world.

What if I’m claustrophobic?

You’ll be glad to see how much room you will have in our cabins. Also, the door opens easily from the inside and the outside.
You are free to open it whenever you want. In short, you are in complete control of your own experience.


Get as relaxed
as you can get.