For centuries, the residents of a small village of Banos, Ecuador, have made the practice of hot/cold therapy a part of their daily ritual. Nestled in the shadow of Tungurahua, an active volcano, they make their daily pilgrimage up the mountains’ rugged slopes before submerging themselves in the thermal baths that await them. There, they sit for as long as they dare in the gently steaming water before hopping out and immediately plunging themselves into the crystal clear waters of nearby snow fed streams. While the ancient practice of merging hot and cold exposure (sometimes called “contrast therapy”) has been utilized by world class athletes at the highest level around the world, it has only recently begun to attract the attention of mainstream wellness centers across America who are seeking to provide the best experience for their patrons, including here at Quantum Wellness!

At Quantum Wellness, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars or travel hundreds of miles by plane to enjoy the health benefits provided by hot/cold contrast therapy. Through utilizing the most cutting-edge technology in our infrared sauna and our nitrogen chilled cryotherapy sauna, you can experience the health benefits of contrast therapy at a fraction of the cost, located right in downtown Bedminster, New Jersey. As the heat from the deeply penetrating infrared rays dilates the blood vessels and relaxes the muscles, the intense cold from the cryotherapy chamber then tricks super-contracted tissues into releasing their tension, providing pain relief for affected areas. It is an invigorating experience, to say the least, and one that is best implemented gradually, rather than all at once.

Here at Quantum Wellness, we offer sauna and cryotherapy sessions at various lengths. For first timers, it is recommended to stay in the sauna for a minimum of twenty minutes in the heat, and no more than three minutes in the cryotherapy sauna. Water is provided for the sauna experience, as well as a bathrobe and several towels, and it is recommended if at any time the patron feels dizzy or lightheaded, that they remove themselves from the sauna and cool off with a glass of cold water or even quick spritz from the shower provided within the room for your convenience. Gloves and knee-high socks are provided to protect the hands and feet against the extreme cold.